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  • Ukraine attracts additional USD 10 million for health sector recovery – new grant agreement signed
    Ministry of Health of Ukraine, posted 07 June 2023 15:02

    Ukraine’s health sector will receive an additional USD 10 million non-repayable grant as part of the continued financing of the Health Enhancement And Lifesaving (HEAL) Ukraine project, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in partnership with the World Bank. The agreement was signed today by Viktor Liashko, Minister of Health of Ukraine, and Arup Banerji, World Bank Regional Country Director for Eastern Europe.

    The agreement is between Ukraine, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Development Association, which is the administrator of the Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Ukraine Relief, Recovery, Reconstruction and Reform.

    “There is a full-scale war going on in Ukraine. Every day our health system is being tested for resilience. Every day we have to respond to new challenges. Thanks to the support of our international partners and the dedicated work of our heroic medics, we are able to hold the medical front. I am grateful to the World Bank for its steadfast support. The funds under the signed agreement will be allocated to critical areas of the health system: the development of physical and psychological rehabilitation, which is in ever-increasing demand in times of war, and the restoration of access to medical care in war-affected areas. We are working together to ensure the provision of high-quality, affordable and free medical care for Ukrainians,” said Viktor Liashko.

    Extending financial support to Ukraine’s health sector in the form of a non-repayable grant is particularly important for millions of Ukrainians at a time of war. Ukraine will use half of this grant to provide rehabilitation and mental health services, which are in high demand, and a further USD 5 million to restore medical services in health facilities damaged by the war.

    This includes preparing for the expansion of mental health and rehabilitation services: defining the scope and standards of services provided in inpatient and outpatient facilities, training staff, providing equipment and transport, and carrying out rehabilitation work in facilities.

    Why is it important?

    The level of mental health of the population and the prevention of mental disorders will continue to have a significant impact on the overall health, economic recovery and well-being of the country. And the trauma caused by the war has significantly increased the need for rehabilitation services, so there is an obvious need to expand access to them.

    The new grant will also fund the restoration and modernisation of hospital services in line with the reform agenda: the development of sectoral planning for the hospital network, the preparation of technical specifications and design documentation for the restoration of facilities, and the restoration of individual hospitals with regard to energy efficiency and the use of alternative energy sources, as well as the purchase of equipment and transport.

    Hostile attacks have destroyed or damaged at least 1,500 health facilities. This means that more than 5% of the total number of facilities across the country are now unable to operate and provide care to the population, whose health has deteriorated significantly as a result of the war. The restoration of hospitals will require significant financial resources and time. This is especially true for specialised health facilities that continue to implement health reforms initiated by Ukraine during the military aggression.

    As a reminder, on 22 December 2022, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the World Bank signed a framework loan agreement for EUR 100 million and a grant agreement for USD 10 million from the Global Fund. This is the initial financing for the HEAL Ukraine project, which can be expanded to a total of USD 500 million.


    According to the Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment conducted by the Government of Ukraine, the World Bank Group and the European Commission, in cooperation with other partners, the health system has suffered at least USD 1.4 billion in material losses.