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  • Ukraine received over 8,000 tonnes of energy equipment from partners in 31 countries
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 28 June 2023 14:48

    Partner countries continue to deliver humanitarian shipments of energy equipment to Ukraine. In recent weeks, aid has arrived from the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Norway and Sweden. In total, Ukraine has received more than 8,000 tonnes of humanitarian equipment from 31 countries since March 2022.

    The Ministry of Energy transfers the relevant equipment to power engineers to carry out restoration and repair work at facilities that were subjected to russian attacks.

    Another humanitarian aid shipment from Poland, weighing around 20 tonnes, included three stationary diesel generators and accessories. These have already been delivered to Kyivteploenergo.

    JSC Kharkivgaz received 12 tonnes of aid from Finland, Norway and Poland, including 40-70 kW generators, working clothes and hand tools.

    JSC Donbasenergo received about 20 tonnes of components for disconnectors donated to Ukraine by Sweden.

    Ukraine is also receiving significant aid from the Netherlands. In recent weeks, 16 consignments of electrical cables and power transformers weighing more than 293 tonnes have arrived from the Netherlands. The equipment includes current and voltage transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, earthing switches, overhead line fittings and other materials needed for repairs.

    “Every meeting we have with our partners is accompanied by a question about how they can help Ukraine. We really appreciate the attention and support. The energy sector in particular has withstood the challenges of this past winter thanks to the assistance provided. We are now using international assistance in the form of energy equipment to prepare for the next heating season,” said Minister of Energy German Galushchenko.