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  • In the exclusion zone, 21 routes for visitors have been approved
    State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, posted 06 September 2019 13:33

    By order of the Head of the State Agency of Ukraine Exclusion Zone Management (DAZV) 21 excursion routes were approved in the exclusion zone, in particular 13 land, 5 water and 3 air routes. Inter alia, this year the experts of the exclusion zone developed new water routes for the implementation of the Presidential Decree “On certain issues of the development of territories affected by radioactive contamination as a result of the Chernobyl disaster”.

    “The challenge facing us is the safety of every visitor who crosses the boundaries of the exclusion zone. The number of visitors is significantly increasing every year, as is the interest in the topic of Chornobyl in general. In order to satisfy the visitors' needs for interesting and truthful information, we support the development of new forms of visiting, which allow us to engage in quality communication with tourists”, said the DAZV Head Vitalii Petruk.

    This year, a new record has already been achieved – 74,671 tourists in 8 months. In August 2019 alone, 14,416 people visited the area. The showing has increased fivefold since the beginning of the year: less than 3,000 people a month have visited the area through January-February, and since March the number of tourists has begun to grow rapidly.

    The full operation of water and air routes will be possible after the completion of the necessary border maintenance work.