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  • The U.S.-Ukraine Strategic Defence Framework is signed in Washington
    Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, posted 01 September 2021 08:47

    On August 31, 2021, Minister of Defence of Ukraine Andrii Taran and  United States Secretary of Defense  Lloyd Austin signed in Washington the U.S.-Ukraine Strategic Defence Framework which enhances the robust strategic defence partnership between the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine (MOD) and the U.S. Department of Defence (DoD).

    The Strategic Defence Framework reaffirms key principles and sets ambitious objectives for our bilateral defense relationship by:

    • Outlining pathways for the advancement of shared bilateral priorities to meet current and emerging security challenges;

    • Reiterating our commitment to shared democratic values, including the rule of law and respect for human rights;

    • Reaffirming DoD’s unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and condemning Russia’s occupation of Crimea and aggression in eastern Ukraine;

    • Delineating further how MOD and DoD collaborate to advance the military capabilities and readiness of Ukraine to preserve the country’s territorial integrity, progress toward NATO interoperability, and promote regional security;

    • Reiterating DoD’s continued support for Ukraine’s right to decide its own future foreign policy course, free from outside interference, including with respect to Ukraine’s NATO aspirations, as the United States and Allies reaffirmed in the June 2021 NATO Summit Communique.

    To continue toward these goals through December 2026, as laid out in the Framework, MOD and DoD have decided that the U.S.-Ukraine bilateral defense relationship should focus on, but is not limited to, the following strategic priorities:

    • Ensuring that bilateral security cooperation and U.S. assistance effectively helps Ukraine to counter Russian aggression, including through a robust training and exercise program.

    • Implementing defence sector reforms, in line with NATO principles and standards, building on the significant progress made since 2014.

    • Facilitating the execution of a defence industry strategy and reforms to meet the needs of Ukraine’s forces, including greater transparency in Ukrainian defence procurement, the implementation of Ukrainian corporate governance reforms, and building a long-term strategic partnership in the field of science and technology that impact the future security environment.

    • Deepening Black Sea cooperation to ensure freedom of navigation and effectively counter external threats and challenges in all domains.

    • Strengthening cooperation on cyber security to deter malicious cyber activities on national security systems, to attribute such activities, and to defend against adversaries effectively.

    • Closer partnership of defence intelligence communities in support of military planning and defensive operations.

    MOD and DoD are jointly pursuing these strategic priorities through several lines of effort and associated activities aimed at reinforcing our shared policy objectives. All activities are dependent upon the availability of forces, resources, funding, and authorization.