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  • Electricity tariffs for households will not be increased until the end of the year, says German Galushchenko
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 02 June 2023 20:33

    Raising electricity tariffs for household consumers to UAH 2.64/kWh was a forced step, but this decision will help provide Ukrainians with electricity during the heating season.

    This was emphasised by the Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko on the air of the national telethon Yedyni Novyny (United News - ed.).

    "We did everything to avoid raising tariffs. But we had to make this forced decision in order to provide electricity to our consumers and get through the next winter. Thanks to this decision, we see an opportunity to carry out a repair campaign, stabilise the power system and prepare for the next season," he added.

    The Minister of Energy reminded that since 10 October 2022, the Ukrainian energy infrastructure had been subjected to daily attacks by the russians, which involved the use of all possible types of weapons and differed only in the degree of massiveness.

    German Galushchenko noted that as a result, about 50% of the energy infrastructure, including generating facilities and networks, had been damaged, destroyed or occupied.

    "ZNPP, which bore one of the main burdens in providing preferential tariffs, is occupied. Moreover, we provide our electricity to the plant to maintain security systems," he said.

    The Minister also said that there were no plans to increase tariffs in the future.

    "We have proposed that this decision be valid until the end of the year. Let's see how the heating season will go, but we have a feeling that this decision will be enough to ensure the passage of the autumn-winter period and not to raise prices further," the Minister said.

    German Galushchenko also stressed that despite the rumours, there were no grounds for widespread power outages.

    "The other day there was a systemic failure, it was quickly fixed, the relevant state commission is working to find out why it happened, and I am sure that such an accident will not happen again. Regarding the rumours about blackouts due to a lack of generation. We have developed a number of mechanisms that provide for solutions both within the state and the possibility of providing imported electricity to stabilise the system. Therefore, there will be no rolling blackouts," the Minister stressed.