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  • Ministry of Health clears 80% of EU acquis in self-screening process
    Ministry of Health of Ukraine, posted 02 June 2023 20:18

    In one month, the Government’s deadline for self-screening, a process of internal review of legislation for compliance with the EU acquis, will expire. The Ministry of Health has already processed about 80% of the directives, regulations, agreements and other pieces of the EU acquis in the healthcare sector.

    “The main task of self-screening is to determine the state of implementation of each piece of the EU acquis. On the basis of this analysis, we will be able to develop our further action plan and the changes necessary for Ukraine’s accession to the European Union,” said Maryna Slobodnichenko, Deputy Minister of Health for European Integration.

    In total, more than 1,000 pieces of the EU acquis are subject to comparative analysis by the Ministry of Health, of which more than 700 are directly related to healthcare, and about 350 more have been transferred from the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food as part of inter-ministerial agreements. To date, more than 800 pieces of the EU acquis have been processed.

    All the pieces of the EU acquis in the field of healthcare cover the negotiating areas, including:

    • Public health and health security.
    • Disease prevention.
    • Medicinal products.
    • Medical devices.
    • Medical education.
    • Cosmetics.
    • Food safety.
    • Phytosanitary measures.
    • Medical services.

    The self-analysis of the level of compliance of national legislation with the EU acquis is a key stage in the EU accession negotiations. At the same time, the Ministry of Health is already implementing legislation in line with EU standards. The harmonisation of legislation and standards, as well as the implementation of regulations, is being carried out with regard to the cross-cutting themes of digitalisation and One Health approach.