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  • Situation in energy system on 16 January
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 16 January 2024 10:09

    No electricity deficit, one thermal power plant in Donetsk region shelled

    Power generation and consumption

    There is no shortage of electricity in the power system. The electricity generated in Ukraine is sufficient to meet the needs of consumers. Commercial electricity imports are also planned for the current day.

    Two TPP units were put out of service for emergency repairs, while 3 units of generating equipment were put back into operation after short-term repairs.

    Due to technical reasons, equipment caught fire at one of the frontline TPPs, no one was injured and the plant is operating normally.

    Hydro generation resources are being actively used to cover the increased consumption.

    Consequences of shelling

    A thermal power plant in Donetsk region came under enemy fire. There were no casualties and the equipment is being inspected.


    For the current day, electricity imports are forecasted at 3,458 MWh, while no exports are expected.

    Situation at the ZNPP

    The water level in the cooling pond is 15.62 metres. This is sufficient to meet the needs of the plant.