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  • Situation in energy system on 30 November
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 30 November 2023 11:30

    There were no restrictions on electricity consumption in any region, outages were due to bad weather, technical reasons and hostilities

    Power generation and consumption

    Yesterday, the power system experienced a slight shortage of electricity due to increased consumption, which amounted to less than one per cent of the daily electricity consumption.

    In order to balance the system, the transmission system operator attracted emergency imports of electricity from Romania and Poland totalling 3,200 MWh, which is one of the tools to cover the increase in consumption.

    Today, additional generation capacity has been put into operation to meet the needs of consumers. These include a 100 MW unit in one of the cogeneration plants, a 180 MW unit in a thermal power plant and a hydroelectric unit that can supply more than 300 MW of electricity to the system at maximum capacity.

    As of 11:00, there was no deficit in the power system.

    Potential emergency imports, which may be needed to cover evening peak consumption, will not exceed 1% of daily consumption and are a standard tool used in such situations.

    At the same time, 2 TPP units were shut down yesterday for short-term repairs. The transmission system operator also limited the generation of one of the wind farms.

    There are no restrictions on electricity consumption in any of the regions.

    The situation is under control. The power system is balanced.

    Consequences of the shelling

    The shelling in Sumy region set fire to equipment in one of the substations, resulting in a power cut to 10 settlements. A gas distribution pipeline was also damaged.

    A coal mine in Donetsk region lost power due to hostilities. There were 47 workers in the mine. Power was restored within 40 minutes.

    A cogeneration plant in the south of the country was also shelled. No staff were injured. However, some equipment was damaged.

    An overhead power line in Chernihiv region was damaged by shelling. The extent of the damage is being assessed. 4 settlements are without power.


    Imports yesterday totalled 1,277 MWh, while no exports were made.