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  • Stepan Poltorak: Prospects of comprehensive cooperation of our defence ministries are constructive and very important for Ukraine
    Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, posted 21 December 2018 14:45

    Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak stressed it during meeting with Secretary of State for Defence Gavin Williamson.

    According to the head of the Ukrainian defence ministry, some of the decisions taken in London are being implemented.

    A good example of it is the arrival of HMS Echo to Odesa on December 19. Meanwhile, the situation, including the security, which we discussed in London, has drastically changed in 10 days after my arrival to Ukraine. And today we consider the overall security and the security situation in Ukraine as the highest level of threat from Russian Federation, Minister of Defence of Ukraine said.

    While speaking with Gavin Williamson, Stepan Poltorak underscored that it is absolutely important that you, being the person responsible for the United Kingdom security and defence, have arrived here to support us and talk on further support with regards of defence of territorial integrity of Ukraine.