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  • Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine regarding humanitarian aid to Ethiopia and Somalia
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, posted 22 September 2022 16:22

    russia's aggressive war against Ukraine is the main cause of the global food crisis, which can bring serious social, economic and political consequences for many countries of the world.

    In response to the food security challenges faced by the population of African countries, on the initiative of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine contributes 50,000 tons of wheat as humanitarian aid to support the actions of the governments of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Federal Republic of Somalia to improve the humanitarian situation in their countries.

    Ukraine's role as one of the guarantors of world food security and a reliable grain exporter is undeniable, and its actions demonstrate Ukrainian commitment to its global obligations.

    Ukraine expresses its support for the activities of the World Food Program, which carries out systematic work on the grain delivery and its further distribution in areas suffering from hunger.

    We also note the role of France and Germany, who decided to join the Ukrainian initiative and cover the costs associated with financing the delivery of humanitarian cargo to these African countries.

    The success of countering the "hunger games" that russia is conducting against the whole world, turning food into a weapon against the most vulnerable countries, is based on mutual support and solidarity. Individual actions of each country will not help to save the world from the threat of hunger. Despite the difficult circumstances in which the world community currently finds itself in connection with russia's aggression, we call for maintaining the will to mutual aid and the implementation of such large-scale humanitarian initiatives.