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  • Simplifying the use of advanced e-signatures: Government adopts resolution
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 12 December 2023 18:14

    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted a resolution regulating the technical requirements for the creation and verification of advanced electronic signatures or seals. This will allow such signatures to be used for the regular receipt of electronic services. The use of a qualified electronic signature will no longer be required.

    Previously, advanced electronic signatures and seals were used on a temporary basis as part of an experiment for the period of martial law.

    The Resolution will make it much easier to obtain and use advanced electronic signatures. Instead of the qualified electronic signature, it will now be possible to use the advanced electronic signature, unless otherwise required by law.

    In addition, individuals and legal entities will be able to use an electronic signature without storing it on a secure medium. In particular, this will ensure the smooth functioning of electronic document management and user verification.

    The resolution will also help to harmonise Ukrainian legislation on electronic trust services with European legislation.