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  • New restriction measures for the period of quarantine explained
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 04 April 2020 14:20

    The new norms of restrictive measures adopted by the Resolution No. 211 “On prevention of the spread of COVID-19 acute respiratory disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in Ukraine” have raised a number of questions among Ukrainians. Therefore, we provide clarification on the most common questions.

    • Why has a rule to carry an ID been introduced?

    The need to carry identification documents will allow to check whether a person should be on self-isolation or in observation. It will also enable law enforcement agencies to apply administrative liability to quarantine rules violators.

    • Is it allowed to stay outside without a face mask?

    Resolution No. 211 states that in all public places you must be wearing a mask or a respirator.

    Public place – is a location to which all of the public have access, i.e. part of any building to which the citizens have access, including for a fee (entrances, pedestrian subways, stadiums; parks, public gardens, playgrounds, public transport stops, elevators, government agencies, medical institutions and more).

    Important! The list of public places can be expanded by local authorities. For example, in Kyiv city, the public places are considered public transport stops and a 50-meter area around them; the churches and a 50-meter area around them; closed and open trade establishments, in particular rows of shopping stalls and markets; cinemas and the surrounding area; etc.

    Therefore, we strongly recommend you to wear a face mask going outside, as you may find yourself in an area covered by the definition of "a public place" at any time.

    • Why is it mandatory to wear a mask?

    This is necessary for the safety of everyone. Considering the rate of the spread of coronavirus infection, all people are considered to be potentially infected. One may not be aware that he/she carries the virus, but puts other people at risk. The mask serves the barrier to the possible infecting of others. When the mask is on the face, then the amount of released biological material into the surrounding air that may contain the pathogen is reduced.

    • What is the responsibility for violating quarantine rules? Can one be fined for going to the park or lacking a mask?

    Yes, he/she can. For violation of quarantine rules, a fine of UAH 17,000 up to UAH 34,000 is envisaged. And if one violates sanitary rules and regulations for the prevention of infectious diseases, he/she may be brought to criminal responsibility.

    • Are churches closed for the period of quarantine?

    The Government does not close the churches, but mass and religious gatherings are prohibited. We urge all Ukrainians to stay home for the quarantine period.

    • Who will monitor compliance with quarantine measures? Will the police stand at the entrances to the parks?

    The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Guard will monitor compliance with the quarantine rules in public places.

    • Is it allowed to walk down the street in a group of three?

    Citizens must gather only in a group of two in the streets. An exception is accompanying children regardless of their number.

    • In what case can people over 60 now be allowed to go outside?

    People over 60 should still stay at home. They are at high risk and therefore need self-isolation. What does it mean? First, they must stay in the determined place of self-isolation. Second, they must refrain from contacting others - other than those with whom they reside.

    • And if they don't have younger people near, who can take care of them?

    People on home isolation (other than COVID-19 infected) who are not cared for are allowed to visit shops and other places of commerce located within 2 kilometers of the place of self-isolation. These people must adhere to the regime of wearing a face mask.

    In addition, the Government instructed regional state administrations to take additional measures to identify and serve single elderly and persons living alone, disabled citizens, persons on self-isolation and to arrange for relevant social support.

    • Will it be possible to walk around the house? 

    It is not forbidden, but there are other restrictions: it is banned to gather in a group of more than two people and to go to parks/public gardens, recreation areas, etc.

    • Is it allowed to get outside with children? Is it allowed for children under 14 to go outside without adults?

    Children under the age of 14 are recommended to go out only with their parents or foster parents. Resolution No. 211 states that children are not allowed to be in public places without adults. It is recommended that children do not leave home without an adult.

    • Is it allowed to go to a park or a public garden? 

    No, from now it is banned. Visits to parks, public gardens, recreation areas, forest parks and coastal areas are prohibited. This is only allowed if one needs to walk a pet or in case of work exigency.

    • How can a citizen walk pets now?

    Citizens are still allowed to walk their pets, but gathering no more than two. Only one person is allowed to walk a pet in parks and public gardens.

    • When will children attend school again?

    The quarantine measures are currently in effect until April 24, which is why all educational institutions have been transferred online. On the initiative of the President, the project "All-Ukrainian School Online" is launched. The start of the broadcast is April 6.

    • Is it true that shops, banks and pharmacies have to provide visitors with face masks or respirators

    No, it's not true. Establishments and shops authorized to operate during the quarantine period only have to control that visitors are only in masks and respirators in buildings and on the premises. It is the visitors' responsibility to protect themselves with masks.

    Follow the recommendations and be healthy!

    New restriction measures for the period of quarantine explained