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  • Statement by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal at a Government session
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 09 August 2022 16:46

    Good afternoon, dear colleagues, dear Ukrainians.

    A full-scale war has been going on in our country for 167 days. During this time, we repeatedly witnessed how the russian military deliberately and cold-bloodedly shelled residential buildings, hospitals and other civilian infrastructure objects. The purpose of this is to sow fear, despair. That's what terrorists do. And this is what кussia has now become - the main world terrorist.

    A nuclear terrorist. It is simply impossible to call the situation around Zaporizhzhya NPP any other way. The mining of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe and the provocative shelling carried out by russian troops must receive an appropriate response. russia must get the status of a state-sponsor of terrorism. We are talking about this with all partners, and above all with the United States, where such an initiative has already gained the support of Congress.

    On behalf of the Government, I also want to call on the world to influence russia so that its military personnel immediately leave the territory of the nuclear plant, the surrounding territories and the city of Energodar. After all, the consequences of an eventual disaster will affect not Ukraine alone, but the whole world as well.


    Another direction of work with our allies now is to ensure the macroeconomic stability of Ukraine. This week, the United States’ Government has approved a decision to allocate an additional USD 4.5 billion for Ukraine. This is a program to support budgetary needs, with the resource to be transferred to security, social and economic projects. Yesterday, I also had a conversation with the Federal Minister of Finance of Germany, and I obtained assurances that Germany will help Ukraine quickly receive the remaining EUR 8 billion of macro-financial assistance from the EU.

    We are also engaged in vigorous activities on a new special program with the International Monetary Fund. Active cooperation with the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, work with financial and economic blocs of partner countries prolongs. Our economy should become more sustainable, while russia's economy should get new sanctions. And we thank our partners for they share our vision.

    President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appealed to our international partners with a proposal to ban russians from entering their territories. The Government shares this initiative. Also, such a proposal has already been supported by the Prime Minister of Estonia, Kaja Kallas. Visiting European countries is a privilege, not a right, and I am grateful to my colleague for such a principled position. I am sure that other governments and other state leaders will join this initiative.

    The state is eager to ensure businesses continue their activities and development. The launch of the eRobota program is one of the crucial components in this direction. Today we will approve the allocation of another resource worth UAH 45 million to the Ministry of Economy, to be directed to non-refundable grants for the creation of new processing enterprises. In total, more than 500 applications have already been submitted for this direction. We will gradually increase the pace. Also yesterday, we started accepting applications for another eRobota direction, which concerns free training in IT specialties. About a thousand Ukrainians will have an opportunity to learn new, modern and in-demand skills free of charge, thus allowing to support Ukraine's economy. On the website of the IT Generation project, one can apply and choose courses within the framework of designated schools.

    Another document aimed at the development of the Ukrainian economy the Government shall endorse today is a new bill on innovation parks. There are already more than half a hundred such parks in Ukraine. Our goal is to increase their number and improve work efficiency. Therefore, the bill creates a systematic approach to support innovation within these parks and streamlines state policy regarding their operation.


    In parallel with improving the sustainability of our economy, the Government has embarked on elaboration of the state budget for 2023. We clearly define that this will be the budget of the military economy, where the priority remains the army and security. Meanwhile, the Cabinet of Ministers envisages preservinging payments under all social programs. Macroeconomic stability of the state is the third overriding priority. We are also planning to establish a Prompt Recovery Fund within the framework of the state budget, aimed to enable international donors to direct funds, as well as the profits of a number of state-owned enterprises to be transferred. In addition, we are working on a possibility to ensure that the confiscated russian assets and resources are primarily directed to restoring people's housing.

    We are preparing for all challenges. Increasing our resilience. We are building a strong economy. It was not us who waged this war, but we will definitely end it with the victory of Ukraine.

    Thank you for your attention. Glory to Ukraine!

    Statement by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal at a Government session Statement by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal at a Government session