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  • Statement by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal at a Government session
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 05 August 2022 16:33

    I greet everyone, dear colleagues, dear Ukrainians.

    This week, together with the Government team, we continued the program of visits to the regions to check the accomplishment of the tasks of the President and the Government regarding the readiness of our country for existing challenges in the security, economic, energy and social spheres. Readiness and stability must be demonstrated at all levels and in all communities of our state.

    Yesterday we paid a visit to Cherkasy region and Kyiv region. On the agenda are the heating season, business support programs, assistance to internally displaced persons.

    We have triggered one of the eRobota programs - "Svii Sad" (Own Garden). The program is in effect, and the first pack of grants has been issued within its framework. Yesterday we were at a farm that had 15 hectares for gardens. Thanks to grants from the Government, the area will increase almost three times. These are taxes for the state, work for people, community development and economic development.

    6,500 applications have already been received for obtaining grants aimed to create or enlarge existing enterprises. 6,000 applications were received for micro-grants to the tune of up to UAH 250,000. 100 applications – to participate in the program of laying out greenhouses and gardens. More than 400 applications — for the program of creation of new processing enterprises. All this will be converted into thousands of jobs in the coming months.

    We continue to communicate with businesses to ensure the program really scales up. Therefore, it is now necessary to make certain changes to the procedure for providing the relevant grants. First, we will inlcude changes to the program for supporting processing enterprises. Now individual entrepreneurs will be eligible for receiving grants under this program. Also, the amount of the grant will be tied to the need to create a certain number of jobs. The second part of the changes concerns the micro-grant program. We will make incentives for small farms. We are expanding the areas in which funds can be spent. Now it's the purchase of raw materials, different kinds of materials, animals, software and other services and goods related to production.

    6,500 applications in the first month of the program's operation demonstrate that people are interested in creating their own business in Ukraine. The state will help in this matter because the private sector is the basis of a strong and resilient economy.

    The second acute issue we tackle every out regional trip is the process of the preparation for the heating season. We have recently summoned a meeting with heads of regional military administrations. The activities to gear up are underway on daily basis. The current readiness of infrastructure facilities for the heating season today is almost 60%. The readiness of residential buildings for the heating season is 56%, networks - 57%, heating facilities - 58%. 141 heat supply facilities have already been repaired. Two thermal power plants that were damaged by shelling have already been restored. Stockpiles of equipment are accumulated in case of damage to the infrastructure during the heating season. The Government has allocated UAH 1.4 billion for these needs.

    Yesterday, together with the Minister of Energy, we visited one of the energy-generating state-owned enterprises Centerenergo. Preparatory work for the heating season is underway there. One of the key aspects of preparation is the accumulation of energy resources. There have been collected 1.8 million tons of coal in storage facilities, while there should be 2.5 million tons in October. I ask the Minister of Energy German Galushchenko to keep this issue under personal control.

    Speaking about gas, 12.1 billion cubic meters have already been pumped. The plan of the Ministry of Energy is 19 billion cubic meters for the heating season. This document envisages the possibility of using 2.6 billion cubic meters of gas for the needs of thermal power plants as well as combined heat and power plants given various military risks occur. That is, we anticipate all possible scenarios to guarantee Ukrainians have heating in winter.

    The energy system of Ukraine used to work effectively and continues to demonstrate the stable operation. The export of electricity to Europe continues, thereby making it possible, in particular, not to raise tariffs for the population.

    A total of UAH 3.4 billion has been allocated to support the regions, including for the restoration of critical infrastructure. These are funds for 7 regions and the city of Kyiv. There is a separate program to support regions to purchase building materials, medicines and other critical goods through Ukrzaliznytsia. Under this program, the regions have already received almost UAH 5 billion.

    Despite all the macro-financial difficulties, the Government continues the policy of supporting the regions. After all, the victory of Ukraine is possible only if we work as a united front.

    And one more positive news. Today, we have on the agenda a systemically important decision on the confiscation of russian property and assets in Ukraine. The list of objects has been compiled. These are hundreds of buildings, corporate rights, land plots and financial assets.

    All the property is divided into three categories. The first category is property that belongs to the russian state. The second category is assets owned by sanctioned citizens and companies from russia. The third category is the assets of russian banks. Today, the Government has endorsed the Presidential Decree proposing the confiscation of 903 objects belonging to the russian state: 79 positions are corporate rights, 824 - property.

    As we promised we are seizing all these russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. We apply systemic approach and act in line with all procedures. We do not replace the law with our wishes but implement this strategic task in a legal way. The confiscated assets will be converted into money to be directed to defense sector and restoration of Ukraine.

    This step is the first in our strategy. Next should be the confiscation of russian assets in the West to ensure the reconstruction of Ukraine. Both the Government and the President's Office are working on that with teams of the best lawyers and teams of international experts, our partners and allies.

    Thank you for attention. Glory to Ukraine!

    Statement by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal at a Government session