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  • Congratulation by Volodymyr Groysman on International Women's Day
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 08 March 2018 09:00

    Dear Ukrainian women!

    I congratulate You on the grand spring holiday!

    Since time immemorial in our society women have been treated with due honour and respect, while their contribution to social processes that are taking place in Ukraine can hardly be overestimated. In all areas, Ukrainian women achieve great heights, build a successful career, and at the same time they give new life, inspire men for new achievements and appear equal partners.

    These days Ukraine is moving in the right direction, intensively integrating with Western democratic culture, which envisages equal presence of women in state authorities, holding leading and responsible positions.

    Our common task is to shape such a harmonious and righteous society in Ukraine, when all citizens will have equal opportunities for the realization of their rights.

    Ukraine is currently undergoing transformations, but among unaltered things remain our respect, love and appreciation for women – the feelings which accompany us throughout the life.

    Dear women! I wish You inexhaustible energy and inspiration for the realization of grand and small actions and happiness in your personal life!


    Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr GROYSMAN