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  • Services for business and up-to-date information on the state of the environment: more than 1.3 million users have already used the Ministry's online services

    More than 701,000 visitors since its launch - this is the figure for the national environmental platform EcoSystem. Almost the same number of users - 638,500 - has been counted since the launch of the web resource and the EcoThreat mobile application.

    The EcoSystem is a service with convenient digital services for business, as well as official information from open environmental registers for citizens and officials. Almost 92,500 entrepreneurs currently use the EcoSystem. They have access to 21 services out of 29 available in the environmental sector. Over this time, businesses have issued more than 120,000 permits through the EcoSystem.

    Among the most popular e-services are:

    • waste declaration in the peopleless mode, i.e. without the participation of an official, which has already been submitted by more than 58,000 companies
    • registration of a logging ticket - more than 27,000;
    • certificates of origin for timber and sawn timber products - almost 14,500.

    The EcoSystem contains 30 registers that are open to the public.

    The EcoThreat service is part of the EcoSystem. It was created by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine at the beginning of russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine. It was primarily designed to provide people with reliable data on the state of the environment, as well as to enable everyone to promptly report any crimes against nature.

    EcoThreat accumulates data from 750 radiation monitoring stations in Eastern Europe and almost 5,000 water and air monitoring stations. It contains all the information that saves lives - notifications about air alerts, chemical hazards; indicators of water and air pollution and information about hazardous waste or illegal dumpsites; instructions in case of environmental emergencies. And most importantly, all this information is available to everyone in their own smartphone.

    "We are not resting on our laurels. We plan to continue expanding the EcoSystem's functionality. Step by step, our team is implementing a large-scale goal - to build the necessary "digital infrastructure" for comfortable coexistence of the state, business and citizens and to digitise all the questions that people may have about the protection of the Ukrainian environment," said Ruslan Strilets, Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine.