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  • Poland is a strategic partner of Ukraine in strengthening sustainability and security of the energy system: Yaroslav Demchenkov
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 17 May 2023 22:10

    Yaroslav Demchenkov, Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine, addressed the participants of the Three Seas Local Government Congress held in Warsaw. The panel discussion on energy security of Poland and Europe was also attended by Anna Moskwa, Polish Minister of Climate and Environment. The Deputy Minister stressed the importance of the Ukrainian-Polish partnership and expressed gratitude for the assistance provided to the energy sector. More than 1,500 tonnes of energy equipment have been received from Poland.

    “Today, our efforts are focused primarily on restoring stable energy supply to consumers and preparing for the next winter. Restoring the power grid requires us not only to repair damaged facilities but also to carry out scheduled maintenance. We have survived with the support of our international partners. Thanks to our synchronisation with ENTSO-E, we are able to expand our export and import opportunities with the EU. In particular, Ukraine has recently started commercial exports of electricity through the renovated Khmelnytskyi NPP – Rzeszów transmission line. This gives us confidence that we will be able to overcome all the challenges and get through the next heating season properly,” said Yaroslav Demchenkov.

    russia has caused significant damage to Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. About 50% of the energy system is affected. These challenges, as well as the change in approaches to energy supply and the transition to climate-friendly energy, are driving the search for new solutions. This opens up new opportunities for further cooperation with Poland and Polish businesses, joint development of the energy system and its flexibility, especially in the context of decarbonisation plans and the transition to renewable energy production.

    “We share common values and vision for the further development of the energy sector with our Polish partners. By 2040, the electricity deficit in Eastern Europe will increase due to the further phasing out of thermal generation. Ukraine’s clean electricity will help the EU synchronise its power grids, improve balancing, and increase energy sustainability and resilience. Another promising aspect is to combine our efforts to develop grids within countries, which should go hand in hand with the development of renewable energy sources,” said Yaroslav Demchenkov.