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  • Oleksiy Honcharuk: We have all prerequisites to ensure economic upturn in the next few years
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 16 January 2020 21:20

    Now Ukraine has all the preconditions to provide growth in the economy in the next few years. Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk stressed at the presentation of the Financial Sector Development Strategy until 2025. The document was approved by the National Bank of Ukraine, the National Securities and Stock Market Commission, the National Commission for State Regulation of Financial Services Markets, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

    “A critical document has been signed and it envisages the development of the financial sector along five major directions. Ukraine now has everything to demonstrate rapid growth over the next few years. The trends we are observing today are the increase of gold and foreign currency reserves and a record decline in inflation - which means that they are starting to trust in our country,” Oleksiy Honcharuk emphasized.

    Moreover, the PM accentuated the Government and the National Bank are reliable partners.

    "The Government and the NBU share common priorities: the economy should provide access to cheap resources and reduce risks for financial institutions as quickly as possible," said Oleksiy Honcharuk.

    According to him, cheap loans are needed for Ukrainians right now, so starting February 1, the program of cheap loans for small businesses at 5%, 7% and 9% announced earlier by the President will be launched.

    “We also expect that this year we will ensure a significant reduction of the cost of credit for mortgages. Our goal is 11-12% in hryvnia,” the Head of Government said, adding that another important priority is the availability of financial services.

    “We are well aware of what to do. We have a plan. We are ready for the complex challenges that are in store for us in the next few years,” summed up the Prime Minister.

    Oleksiy Honcharuk: We have all prerequisites to ensure economic upturn in the next few years