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  • One of the priorities of the Ministry of Social Policy for 2020 is to support children and families enduring harsh conditions
    Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, posted 18 February 2020 14:05

    Supporting children and families in difficult circumstances is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Social Policy in 2020.

    This was stated by Deputy Minister of Social Policy for European Integration Sergiy Nizhynskyi during public consultations on the implementation of Objective 3.3 "Families in difficult life circumstances, in particular, because of low incomes, receive timely and professional assistance, including financial assistance aimed at a fast way out of the crisis and overcoming difficult life circumstances" encapsulated in the Government Action Program.

    During the consultations held on February 18, 2020, under the chairmanship of the Deputy Minister and with the participation of representatives of public organizations, the Concept of the implementation of state policy towards the goal 3.3 was discussed.

    "Implementation of the state policy on withdrawal and assistance to families in difficult life circumstances, which is part of the Government Action Program and an important component of shaping new social policy in Ukraine", Sergiy Nizhynskyi stressed.

    According to him, a number of steps aimed to accomplish this task was developed. Therefore, it will allow to increase targeted assistance to low-income families and help those who really need it.

    The meeting participants agreed on the state policy implementation plan to achieve the objective 3.3 of the Government Action Program.