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  • NHSU makes second payment to contracted health facilities
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 15 August 2018 14:56

    The revenues of primary health care providers contracted by the National Health  Service of Ukraine (NHSU) are growing every month with the increase in the  number of patient declarations. For example, the second payment under  the capitation model made to the Rivne Regional Primary Healthcare  Center in August was 10% higher than the first payment made in July.

    Today (August 15, 2018), the NHSU has paid a total of UAH 253.8  million to 154 state-owned and private PHC providers contracted in June.

    At the meantime, 31 health facilities have received partial payments,  because their current licenses are to expire by the end of this month.  The NHSU will resume payments, once they renew the licenses. The license  of one PHC center has expired prior to August 15, which is why the NHSU  will pay this facility for the services provided in August, as soon as  the license is renewed.

    The NHSU has also requested six PHC providers to clarify some  ambiguities in the reports submitted. On August 16, the NHSU is expected  to pay a total of UAH 10.9 million to these health facilities.

    Every month, the NHSU uses the eHealth data to pay the contracted PHC  providers an age-adjusted capitation per declaration. The base rate is  currently set at 370.00 UAH per patient a year. In 2018, the NHSU also  pays an additional 240.00 UAH per patient who has not signed a  declaration with the chosen doctor yet, but is registered within the  health facility’s service area. In August, the contracted PHC providers  received payments from NHSU for almost 3.5 million signed declarations  and 4.9 million patients registered within these facilities’ service  areas.

    Since July 1, the NHSU has paid a total of UAH 500 million to all contracted PHC providers.

    Salaries of most physicians and medical staff working at the contracted health facilities have increased since switching to the new financing model. The ‘autonomized’  non-profit enterprises that have already signed agreements with the NHSU  now have administrative and financial independence and can apply a  flexible approach to salary formation. The entire team of each  particular health facility takes a decision on salary policies.