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  • International experts analyzed the results of operation of a new electricity market in Ukraine
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 29 October 2020 09:45

    An online meeting of the acting Minister of Energy Olha Buslavets, specialists of the Ministry with experts of international technical assistance projects ESP USAID and Low Carbon Ukraine took place today. The meeting was dedicated to the presentation of reports on the results of the expert analysis of the new electricity market in Ukraine.

    "The implementation of the reform of the electricity market in Ukraine was carried out in a short term, in fact in two years. And the Ministry, within its competence, has done a lot of work to prepare a number of regulations, bylaws, tertiary regulation for this market to operate," said the head of the Ministry of Energy.

    The market was opened on July 1, 2019, in accordance with the Law "On the Electricity Market".

    "A new electricity market has been operating for more than a year. Without exception, all executive bodies, regulators and market participants have learned to work in new conditions. The executive authorities were constantly reviewing and improving the documents governing the activities in the market," said Olha Buslavets, adding that this process has been going on and for the past six months the Ministry of Energy, the Government as whole and the Verkhovna Rada are paying a lot of effort to stabilize the situation on the market.

    "I want to emphasize that the Ministry is interested in an independent assessment of the new market model. Therefore, when asking project specialists to conduct such an analysis, we did not in any way focus on the directions of such an analysis, problematic issues or conclusions that should be contained in it. It is important to have not only an independent professional assessment of the market performance for the previous period but also expert proposals for the authorities, the regulator to improve its functioning. For its part, the Ministry has provided all the necessary information, technical and organizational support to ensure the preparation of the report," summed up the acting Minister.

    Following the discussion, it is planned to present the results of project reports to a wider range of stakeholders in the electricity market.