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  • Ministry of Digital Transformation: POTENTIAL consortium meets in Amsterdam to develop technical requirements for piloting the European Digital Identity Wallet
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 28 November 2023 18:24

    The POTENTIAL consortium has gathered for a two-day workshop in Amsterdam. The event is taking place on 28-29 November and will be an important milestone in the work of the 19 EU member states and Ukraine. The main goal of the event is to agree on the development of technical requirements for the EU Digital Identity Wallet (EUDIW) within a year.

    During the workshop, business and technical experts from each country discuss business requirements for six use cases for the digital wallet. For this purpose, they analyse the achievements in each area.

    At the kick-off meeting of the consortium in July this year in Paris, the scenarios for the use of digital wallets were outlined. Next year, they plan to implement and test them using initial prototype wallets.

    To accelerate the resolution of problems related to the legal and technical framework, POTENTIAL is engaged in a dialogue on external obstacles. With the participation of the European Commission, the consortium is considering the impact of delays in the development of the Reference Framework and Architecture and the introduction of the EU Digital Identity Wallet. This could lead to delays in the launch of cross-border pilot projects.

    The POTENTIAL Consortium is one of four large-scale pilot projects selected by the European Commission to experiment with digital identity across Europe. The consortium is led by France and Germany. The main objective of POTENTIAL is to promote innovation, cooperation and growth in six digital identity sectors. These include public services, opening a bank account, telecommunications, driving licences, e-signatures and healthcare. The consortium shows great promise and symbolises an important step in collective efforts to strengthen the European Union's position in the digital decade.

    It is worth emphasising that Ukraine is the only country in the consortium that is not currently a member of the EU, but is already actively involved in shaping the future of EU digital identification.

    The participation of the Ministry of Digital Transformation in the EU Digital Identity Wallet pilot project is supported by the European Union under the DT4UA project implemented by the e-Governance Academy of Estonia.