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  • Ministry for Reintegration of Temporary Occupied Territories: About a thousand bodies of the dead were exhumed in the newly liberated territories

    The office of the Commissioner for Missing Persons, Oleh Kotenko, is working on locations in the newly liberated territories from the occupiers. As a result of the search, about a thousand bodies of fallen heroes and civilians have already been exhumed. In particular, almost 450 in Izyum - on the site of one of the most massive graves.

    The shocking facts of the atrocities of the occupiers were revealed: among the dead are not only military personnel but also civilians - adults and children. But the exact data will become known only after the examination.

    The work continues in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, pyrotechnics, and search groups created under the RMA (regional military administration).

    "This is perhaps the most difficult segment of our search activity. Thank you all for your courage and endurance!" stressed Oleh Kotenko.