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  • Ministry of Defence explains what Oberih register is and why it is needed
    Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, posted 18 March 2024 19:35

    The unified electronic register of conscripts, persons liable for military service and reservists Oberih is a tool for military registration of citizens.

    It is designed to reduce the number of errors due to the human factor and save public and human resources through digitalisation.

    Another advantage is the prevention of corruption. Thanks to the registry, every step in changing data is tracked and confirmed by an electronic signature.

    The Ministry of Defence is currently working with partners to create an electronic military ID. This is an extract from the registry that will indicate the registration status of a citizen – where he or she is registered, whether he or she is fit for service, etc.

    The Oberih unified electronic register was modernised with the support of the European Union under the EU4DigitalUA project, implemented by the Estonian e-Governance Academy.