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  • Ministry of Justice: Government amends a number of resolutions on some issues of notaries
    Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, posted 13 December 2023 13:53

    On 12 December, the Government approved amendments to a number of resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, in particular Resolution No. 164 of 28 February 2022 “On some issues of notaries under martial law” and Resolution No. 209 of 6 March 2022 “On some issues of state registration and functioning of unified and state registers of the Ministry of Justice under martial law”.

    “The Government will continue to gradually restore peacetime rules in areas where the practice of application and risk analysis show that such a decision is justified. The key provision of today’s amendments is the cancellation of the list of notaries who perform notarial acts in respect of valuable property under martial law as of 1 January 2024,” said First Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Yevhen Horovets.

    Other important changes:

    • the condition for granting access to the registers, such as the absence of two decisions of the Ministry of Justice blocking access to the registers for more than 2 months, will be removed for state registrars;
    • certain provisions have been clarified to ensure compliance with the requirements of the legislation on sanctions during state registration;
    • the mechanism of testing the knowledge of the legislation in the field of state registration has been improved, in particular, the threshold for passing the test has been lowered (to pass the test it is sufficient to give correct answers to 70 questions of the test task).