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  • Health Ministry devises several scenarios to fight coronavirus
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 19 March 2020 15:49

    The Health Ministry has developed four scenarios to respond to the spread of coronavirus infection in Ukraine. Deputy Minister of Health, Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Viktor Liashko announced this at a briefing on March 19.

    He stressed that the Government had launched the process of gearing up the health care system immediately after the outbreak of the disease in the People's Republic of China. Thus, in late January and early February, a national plan for preventing the spread of coronavirus disease in Ukraine was developed. Moreover, a national headquarters was set up, and has today been transferred to 24-hour operation.

    “We knew the statistics and the algorithm for how to act on the first cases confirmed. For this purpose, two hospital hubs in each region and two emergency teams were determined, as well as provided with the necessary equipment. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, there have been devised 4 response scenarios. The first is when we have patient zero, another scenario - when we have internal spread, and one more - when we have a COVID-19 outbreak,” Victor Liashko emphasized.

    According to him, today the Ministry embarks on a new stage of planning and re-profiling of healthcare facilities. A presentation of an interactive map will take place in a day or two and information will be available.

    "We have developed a clear algorithm based on the scenario of an outbreak, we can see from the example of Italy. We analyze it that 80% of people in Italy will suffer through the disease with having mild symptoms. Therefore, according to our standard of providing medical care, which is fully adapted to the WHO recommendations and takes into account the best practices of the People's Republic of China and Italy, we will offer and provide assistance in cases with mild symptoms in the form of home self-isolation,” he said, adding that for 20% of the population, which will require hospitalization, was developed an interactive map available to emergency dispatchers. This map will indicate which hospital to take the patient to, where there are available places with the necessary equipment.

    Another scenario stipulates for the involvement of re-profiled institutions: "In other words, therapeutic institutions that will also accept patients with severe symptoms."

    If a state of emergency is introduced within the country, we consider an opportunity to engage private health care facilities, which will allow us to extend the scope of assistance to those who need that.

    Health Ministry devises several scenarios to fight coronavirus Health Ministry devises several scenarios to fight coronavirus