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  • Minimum unemployment assistance has been raised from UAH 650 to UAH 1,000
    Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, posted 21 April 2020 12:50

    The amount of payments for persons receiving the minimum unemployment benefit without taking into account wages and seniority, for the period of quarantine has been increased from UAH 650 to UAH 1,000. Such an increase is envisaged by the Resolution of the Board of the Compulsory State Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine which came into force on April 18, 2020.

    The ordinance applies from the beginning of the quarantine announcement, i.e. from March 12, and will be valid for 30 calendar days after the quarantine terminates.

    The minimum amount of unemployment assistance is raised to UAH 1,000 UAH for the following categories:

    • those who, during the 12 months preceding registration with the employment service, have the insurance period under 6 months or are dismissed from their last workplace for negative reasons (eg. unexcused absence);

    • young people who have graduated or dropped out of secondary and tertiary education establishment, have been discharged from compulsory military service and who need outplacement to get the first job;

    • internally displaced persons who don’t have a documented confirmation of their employment periods.

    For all unemployed persons who have been registered during the quarantine period and receive a minimum allowance (UAH 650), the allowance will be automatically reassigned from the first day of registration in the employment service.

    During the quarantine period, the registration of the unemployed is carried out from the first day of submission of the relevant application to the employment centers. Unemployment benefits are payable from the first day of registration.

    “We understand that due to the pandemic and the introduction of quarantine restrictions, the number of unemployed people is unfortunately growing. We are taking all the measures to support people who have lost their jobs during the quarantine. Increasing the minimum unemployment benefit is one of the steps. In addition, the Government and the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture are taking steps to preserve workplaces. Special business support programs are already in place to ease the loan debt burden, in which the main condition is not to fire employees. Other instruments will be launched soon,” said Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine Ihor Petrashko.