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  • Ministry of Energy: Ukraine calls on IAEA to strengthen nuclear safety standards
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 22 May 2024 17:38

    Ukraine has called on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to step up efforts to strengthen nuclear safety standards. This is stated in the statement of Ukraine, which was announced at the IAEA International Conference on Nuclear Security: Shaping the Future by the head of the Ukrainian delegation, Deputy Minister of Energy Svitlana Hrynchuk.

    “Despite the progress we have made in nuclear safety and security, NPPs can become targets of armed aggression and illegal seizure. This happened twice to Ukraine: in 2014, when Crimea, where the Sevastopol Research Reactor is located, was annexed, and in 2022, when russia illegally seized the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, Zaporizhzhia NPP. Such actions have created unprecedented risks for nuclear safety and continue to create such risks every day,” said Svitlana Hrynchuk.

    She noted that what was happening in Ukraine now was nuclear terrorism by the russian federation. russia is destroying thermal and hydroelectric power plants, power lines, transformers and other elements of the energy system, while nuclear energy remains the main source of energy for the country.

    “Ukraine sees its future with nuclear power, and we want to be sure that this future will be safe and reliable. Therefore, we call on the Agency to intensify its efforts and review nuclear safety standards to ensure that countries’ nuclear safety regimes are ready to withstand any possible circumstances, including armed conflict, and to ensure that countries are held accountable for their violations,” she said.

    “The time has come to transform the international nuclear safety system and international instruments to meet current challenges and threats and, as far as possible, to take into account all future ones,” Svitlana Hrynchuk added.

    The representative of Ukraine thanked the IAEA and Member States for joining forces, assisting Ukraine and working within the Nuclear and Radiation Safety and Energy Security Working Groups to implement the provisions of the Peace Formula in Ukraine.