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  • Ministry of Energy is making every effort to find and deliver the necessary equipment for the restoration of energy infrastructure: Yaroslav Demchenkov
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 05 December 2022 18:09

    Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine for European Integration Yaroslav Demchenkov took part in the online forum for finding partners in the field of electricity - the Electric Energy Matchmaking Forum.

    Yaroslav Demchenkov stressed that the energy sector remains the second front of russia's war against Ukraine.

    "russia's missile attacks are aimed at Ukraine's critical infrastructure to create unbearable conditions for civilians in winter amid frosts. russians are trying to destroy the unity of Ukraine's energy system, they are targeting power plants to prevent the production of sufficient amount of electricity for the whole country," the Deputy Minister stressed.

    Meanwhile, during the unprecedented attacks, Ukraine's energy system demonstrated true sustainability, and Ukrainian power engineers worked around the clock to restore power supply.

    "After seven weeks of regular attacks, we desperately need the help of the international community, as our domestic resources are being depleted. Due to new attacks, even what we have managed to repair can be destroyed again and again. Ukrainian energy sector needs various equipment - generators, transformers, cables, switchgears, etc. It is not only about humanitarian aid, we are ready to buy the necessary equipment. We are grateful to our partners for the assistance they have already provided and continue to provide, and we are doing everything possible to speed up the search and delivery of the necessary equipment," said Yaroslav Demchenkov.

    He also stressed that in addition to equipment, Ukraine critically needs to strengthen air defense systems to protect the lives of citizens and energy infrastructure..