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  • Ministry of Economy: State supports processing industry with UAH 2.5 billion in grants
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 04 December 2023 15:47

    The Ministry of Economy has transferred UAH 99.7 million to fifteen more applicants who applied for grants for processing enterprises. Since the launch of the Government’s eRobota programme, which provides grants to start or develop processing companies, 643 grants worth UAH 3.3 billion have been approved. 487 grants totalling UAH 2.5 billion have already been disbursed.

    Among the winners of the 12th wave of the New Level grant programme for processing companies are companies engaged in:

    • food production;
    • wood processing and manufacture of wood and cork products, except for furniture;
    • manufacture of paper and paper products;
    • manufacture of rubber and plastic products;
    • manufacture of fabricated metal products, except for machinery and equipment;
    • manufacture of machinery and equipment.

    “Stimulating the processing industry, investment in the real sector, and non-resource exports are important priorities for the Government in the near future. Indeed, the transition of the economy from a raw material-based to a processing one is a matter of our economic stability and defence capability. There are no examples of successful resource-based countries in the world. On the contrary, raw materials are often synonymous with poverty. In addition, the development of processing companies means new jobs and additional tax revenues to the budget. And it is thanks to these funds that we can support our army,” said Yuliia Svyrydenko, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Ukraine.

    The grant programme for processing companies allows entrepreneurs to receive up to UAH 8 million for business development, subject to 50/50 co-financing from the recipient. For enterprises operating in the de-occupied territories, the proportion is 20/80 – 20% of the funds are invested by the entrepreneur and 80% by the state. A prerequisite for receiving a grant is the creation of up to 25 new jobs, which will contribute to employment growth in the country. Applications are submitted through the Diia portal.