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  • Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources: We continue to develop the air monitoring system in line with EU standards

    At its meeting, the Cabinet of Ministers approved amendments to the procedure for conducting atmospheric air monitoring. This decision is important in the context of the implementation of European air quality standards in Ukraine and the implementation of Law No. 2973 of 20 March 2023 on the reform of the environmental monitoring system. The amendments to the procedure were developed by a working group under the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, which includes more than 30 experts in the field of air monitoring.

    “Currently, the air monitoring system in Ukraine does not provide a complete picture of its condition. That is why we are gradually introducing a comprehensive and systematic data collection that will allow us to conduct appropriate analysis. And on its basis, to make management decisions. With the adoption of this government decision, we are one step closer to a European-style air monitoring system,” said Ruslan Strilets, Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources.

    One of the innovations of the Resolution is the introduction of a European-style air quality index in Ukraine. To ensure that this index starts working as soon as possible, the Ministry’s team is already working on preparing approaches and criteria for its implementation.

    The Resolution also sets clear requirements for air quality assessment in different zones and agglomerations. It improves the procedure for approving and implementing air monitoring programmes and makes the implementation of air quality management measures more transparent in areas where pollution levels exceed the established thresholds.