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  • Hennadii Zubko: Road map for energy efficiency cooperation with IMF is a key priority for Ukraine
    Service of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, posted 22 March 2018 11:08

    The road map for energy efficiency cooperation with the International Monetary Fund stipulates not only for financial assistance for Ukraine, but also affects the reduction of the burden on the state budget on social benefits. Therefore, the IMF's requirement is not only increase in the price of gas, the requirement encapsulates elimination of the difference in the price of gas between different consumers and eradication of the corrupt component while forming the cost of fuel. This was announced by Vice Prime Minister/ Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine Hennadii Zubko on air of New Time radio.
    "The Government has already shaped proposals on reducing the burden on paying for housing and communal services. The first is a subsidy system. But on the other hand, this system is not efficient enough, because it leads to huge budget expenditure (UAH 80 billion for 2017), which absolutely do not motivate people to reduce their energy consumption. Today, 65% of households in Ukraine who receive subsidies are not interested in modernizing their homes. Therefore, our task is to motivate people to carry out energy-efficiency measures in their homes at the expense of different instruments", Hennadii Zubko noted.
    The Vice Prime Minister stressed implementation of the "warm loans" program and launch of the Energy Efficiency Fund which in synergy with international partners will provide financial and technical support for the modernization of housing are one of the far reaching initiatives." The issue at stake is not only insulation of the houses, it concerns also modernization of utility networks and most importantly a decrease in consumption. Such an integrated approach will help to reduce payments for housing and communal services by decreasing consumption, and many European countries such as European Poland, Slovakia, Germany walked through this path", he underscored.
    Apart from that, the Vice Prime Minister emphasized Ukraine should, first and foremost, demonstrate steps taken to reduce energy consumption and its effectiveness.