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  • Maxym Stepanov: Hospital treatment for COVID-19 is free of charge
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 14 July 2020 10:45

    Treatment of patients with coronavirus COVID-19 on condition of inpatient care is free. At that, medical care will be provided to patients even if they have not signed an agreement with a family doctor.

    The Minister of Health of Ukraine Maksym Stepanov stated at a briefing on July 14.

    "If a person has symptoms of coronavirus disease, especially if you have acute symptoms: fever above 38 degrees, difficulty breathing and other signs, you must dial 103, tell about your symptoms and an emergency team will arrive. If there are appropriate indications - you will be hospitalized and you will receive medical care - regardless of whether you have an agreement with a family doctor or not. The treatment that takes place in a hospital when drugs are used is free. We have adopted the relevant regulations, as well as appropriate funding for institutions that treat patients with COVID-19," said Maxym Stepanov.

    According to the Minister of Health, the regulations envisage that the cost of treatment, which the state compensates for patients with COVID-19, includes the cost of medicines, all manipulations, as well as an increased salary of 300% for health workers working with coronavirus patients.

    Moreover, Maxym Stepanov called on Ukrainians to conclude agreements with family doctors. "The Ministry of Health has changed the algorithm for concluding an agreement with a family doctor and now it is possible to do it online. And I advise all Ukrainians who still do not have an agreement with a family doctor to do so," urged the Minister.