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  • Commentary of the MFA of Ukraine on russia’s attempts to establish the export of agricultural products without renewing the Ukrainian grain exports
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, posted 31 August 2023 15:35

    In light of reports that the russian federation is attempting to establish grain exports in the Black Sea without resuming the export of Ukrainian grain from Ukrainian ports, we would like to make the following points.

    After withdrawing from the Black Sea Grain Initiative, the russian federation commenced systematic missile attacks against the infrastructure of Ukrainian ports and grain storage facilities. The purpose of these actions was to prevent the export of Ukrainian grain by sea, reduce its availability on global markets, and increase food prices for their own benefit. Simultaneously, in egregious violation of international law, the russian military continues to obstruct Black Sea shipping.

    Consideration of supporting russian grain exports in the Black Sea without resuming Ukrainian grain exports from Ukrainian ports would deal a severe blow to international obligations and international law, encourage moscow to continue its aggressive actions, and bolster its sense of impunity.

    As one of the guarantors of global food security, Ukraine is interested in reviving the Black Sea Grain Initiative to continue exporting agricultural products to foreign markets, particularly in Africa and Asia. Additionally, we are actively pursuing the launch of alternate routes. The Black Sea must remain accessible for free and secure commerce.

    In this context, we expect that Türkiye, which has repeatedly affirmed its inviolable position regarding the preservation and strict observance of international law, along with other involved parties, will use their authority to thwart russia’s attempts to violate international obligations and blackmail the world with new food crises.