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  • Investment in clean “green” technologies is our priority: Yaroslav Demchenkov
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 25 May 2023 14:15

    Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine Yaroslav Demchenkov met with Adam Amberg, Head of Reform Support at the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine. The parties discussed the results of the meeting between German Galushchenko, Minister of Energy of Ukraine, and Ebba Busch, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Energy, Business and Industry of Sweden, as well as the areas of further cooperation between the two countries. Yaroslav Demchenkov thanked Sweden for its support and the Swedish Government’s firm position on refusing to buy russian energy.

    “Our generation facilities and power grids are critical infrastructure that has been severely damaged by russian aggression. Therefore, assistance from international partners is essential to prepare for the next winter and to carry out repairs. We are currently working to strengthen the resilience of the power system. One of these solutions will be the development of distributed generation using renewable energy sources, decentralisation of energy, taking into account the potential of the regions and the capacity of communities,” said Yaroslav Demchenkov.

    The Deputy Minister also noted Sweden’s experience in creating market conditions for the energy sector, including renewable energy, grid development and balancing capacity. These technologies are extremely interesting and useful for Ukraine in the current environment. Yaroslav Demchenkov also spoke about the medium-term development of the energy sector after Ukraine’s victory. In particular, he noted that, according to experts, the demand for electricity would double by 2032. In this context, it is important to switch from fossil fuels to green energy.

    “Ukraine has the ambition to become a cluster of clean energy technologies. And we will need significant investments to ensure that the country makes the energy transition, completely abandons fossil fuels in favour of renewable energy sources, and electrifies all sectors of the economy as much as possible. Investment in clean ‘green’ technologies is our priority. Sweden’s advanced experience in implementing such projects will be useful to us, and we are interested in close cooperation between our governments,” concluded Yaroslav Demchenkov.