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  • New stage of telemedicine development in Ukraine launched – Government decision
    Ministry of Health of Ukraine, posted 13 June 2023 16:36

    In order to improve the quality of medical care, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved the draft Law of Ukraine “On amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine on the functioning of telemedicine”, which will be submitted to the Parliament.

    The draft law provides for amendments to the laws of Ukraine “On fundamentals of the legislation of Ukraine on healthcare”, “On rehabilitation in the field of healthcare” and “On emergency medical care”.

    Implementation of a strategic approach to the development of telemedicine in Ukraine, expansion and updating of terminology will improve access to medical services and medical data, and increase the level of patients’ rights to receive such services.

    The approach to telemedicine was forced to be reconsidered by the COVID-19 pandemic and particularly the full-scale russian invasion, when many citizens had their access to healthcare services severely restricted, especially patients in difficult circumstances who were unable to see a doctor.

    Man-made disasters, which many Ukrainians are suffering from today, unfortunately also often become an obstacle to physical visits to medical facilities for those who need them.

    Therefore, changes in the field of telemedicine make it possible to strengthen the state’s ability to help people and provide them with qualified assistance.

    As a result, healthcare resources will be used more efficiently, care will be provided more effectively, and the number of complications leading to more expensive treatment will be reduced.

    “The proposed amendments will improve the approach to the formation and implementation of the state policy on the development of telemedicine to maintain and improve the health of Ukrainians through the availability of medical services and the expansion of opportunities for patients,” said Deputy Minister of Health Maria Karchevych.

    Both during the war and in the post-war period, telemedicine will remain an effective means of restoring and expanding access to the healthcare system for Ukrainians.

    There are currently 7 pilot projects in Ukraine providing medical care under martial law using various telemedicine platforms: Teladoc Solo platform, Rehabilitation Gaming System, Epiqar, Carebits System, and Home Doctor Healthbot.