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  • German Galushchenko thanked United Kingdom for tough stance on sanctions against russian nuclear industry
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 24 May 2023 15:22

    Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko held an online meeting with UK Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero Grant Shapps.

    The Energy Minister thanked the UK for its support of the Ukraine’s energy sector and contribution to the Ukraine Energy Support Fund, which helped the power system to survive this winter in the face of russian attacks.

    “We are already preparing for the next winter and expect it to be quite challenging. It is clear that the enemy will continue to attack energy infrastructure facilities. With this in mind, we are working to restore the damaged infrastructure. A major repair campaign is underway. At the same time, it is important to keep accumulating equipment in stock. This will allow us to replace the equipment that may be damaged again by russian terrorists as soon as possible,” the Minister said.

    German Galushchenko also thanked the British side for its tough stance in imposing sanctions on the russian nuclear industry.

    “Recently, russian shelling caused the seventh blackout of Zaporizhzhia NPP. This is a direct threat to nuclear and radiation safety of the entire continent. The civilised world must repel the terrorist state and impose tough sanctions against the russian nuclear industry, as the United States and the United Kingdom have already done,” he stressed.

    The parties discussed cooperation in the nuclear industry, in particular the construction of small modular reactors and prospects for joint efforts in this area.

    German Galushchenko also highlighted Ukraine’s interest in attracting British investment in projects to restore and develop Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, taking into account the prospects for renewable energy and biotechnology.