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  • Kharkiv received the first out of 49 trolleybuses under the EIB loan
    Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, posted 22 October 2020 11:11

    Kharkiv received the first low floor, one section trolleybus of 49 comfortable energy-efficient trolleybuses purchased on credit from the European Investment Bank. This was made possible by Kharkiv's participation in the Ukraine Urban Public Transport Project (UUPTP), which is a framework loan from the EIB. Under the project, the city received a EUR 10 mn loan to upgrade its trolleybus fleet.

    "Together with the European Investment Bank and active city authorities, we continue to implement the Ukraine Urban Public Transport Project I, which is underway now to renew trolleybus, tram and bus fleets across the country, replace obsolete public transport with new - more convenient, environmentally friendly and modern. Kharkiv became one of the 11 participating cities, and today has received the first low floor trolleybus out of 49. By the end of the year, we hope to conclude an agreement with the EIB on the implementation of the second part of the project - Urban Public Transport II, which will provide for the purchase of only environmentally friendly transport. I am sincerely grateful to our partners from the EIB, who support us both in the implementation and in the continuation of this important project for the cities," said Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladyslav Kryklii.

    "The key factors for modern transport are comfort for passengers and safety for the environment. Now Kharkiv residents have the opportunity to use quality and environmentally friendly public transport. I am pleased that the EIB can contribute to this goal through strategic loans such as Ukraine's Public Transport project," said Jean-Erik de Zagon, Head of the European Investment Bank Resident Representation in Ukraine.

    In addition to the EIB loan for the purchase of new trolleybuses, European Union-funded technical support (€ 3.5 million) under this project assists the Ministry of Infrastructure and participating cities in implementing European standards to support sustainable urban mobility.

    "Kharkiv is one of 11 cities where rolling stock is being renewed thanks to funds raised from the EIB. We are glad that together with our European partners we can improve the daily living conditions of Kharkiv residents. Improving the city's public transport makes it modern, environmentally friendly, accessible for people with disabilities," said Natalia Forsiuk, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

    The trolleybus for Kharkiv was manufactured by the subsidiary "Car Assembly Plant №1" of PJSC Automobile Company "Bogdan Motors". According to the delivery schedule, 49 units of trolleybuses will arrive in Kharkiv by the end of 2021. The whole delivery lot will include 12 two-section and 37 one-section trolleybuses.

    "Renewal of the trolleybus fleet of Kharkiv will allow to increase the comfort and safety of passenger traffic, provide the ability to transport passengers with disabilities in the required amounts and reduce the operating costs of the utility company. In addition, it will allow to improve the ecological condition of the city due to the reorientation of passenger flows from the transport of private enterprises to environmentally friendly urban electric transport," said Ihor Terekhov, First Deputy Head of Kharkiv.

    Also, the implementation of this Project is one of the main steps in the implementation of the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy Development and Climate of Kharkiv, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions in the city by at least 30% by 2030.