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  • The key task of the Ukrainian health care system is to prevent spread of COVID-19
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 04 March 2020 15:00

    The Ukrainian health system is ready for admission of patients and provision of the necessary medical assistance in the case of the spread of a coronavirus. This was emphasized at a briefing at the Government House on March 4.

    At present, one case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Ukraine. The person is under observation. In addition, 6 suspected coronavirus cases have been identified: 2 samples are in the reference laboratory of the Public Health Center, and 4 will be submitted for diagnosis soon.

    Dr Jarno Habicht,  WHO Representative in Ukraine stressed that the first confirmed coronavirus case in Ukraine yesterday was "not an unexpected situation", given that this figure is increasing, in particular, in Europe, where more than 3365 cases have been reported to date.

    He praised the work of Ukrainian experts: “It is necessary to note the capability. The case was diagnosed very quickly, which is evidence of the well-coordinated good public health work of Ukraine. ”

    Dr Jarno Habicht admitted a possible increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Ukraine. "In this situation, it is of utmost importance to ensure the readiness of the health sector to counteract the outbreaks of this disease as the reform of the health care system continues with the modernization of in-patient clinics, hospitals, and emergency departments," the WHO representative said.

    Deputy Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko stressed that yesterday's coronavirus case proved the effectiveness of the health system, which "identifies, locates and provides medical care".

    The Deputy Minister of Health stressed that the medical system is ready for admission and treatment of patients in case of fixation of further cases of coronavirus.

    At present, there are about 12,000 beds in infectious hospitals,2.500  isolation rooms, 2,000 infectious disease doctors, 5,000 medical staff working in infectious hospitals. There are enough test systems in Ukraine to diagnose COVID-19.

    Infectious resuscitation departments are equipped with artificial lungs ventilation machines. Since no specific therapy exists, symptomatic treatment is provided, and in severe cases, resuscitation procedures are performed.

    “The key task of the Ukrainian health care system is to prevent the spread of COVID-19“, Viktor Lyashko stressed

    According to him, temperature screening of inbound travellers continues. “The system is in place, the epidemiologists of the sanitary-quarantine units and the State Border Guard Service are working in synergy. According to the State Border Guard Service, during the last 24 hours the temperature screening has been applied to measured in 111,000 people, ” said the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine.

    The Deputy Health Minister commented on a German cruise ship docked and quarantined in Norway because of suspicious of coronavirus, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is checking information on Ukrainian citizens present on a cruise ship.

    Apart from that, today the Deputy Minister of Health will meet with the WHO ambassadors to discuss the cooperation of the countries on COVID-19 issues.

    The briefing also revolved around the quarantine in Novi Sanzhary. The situation is stable there. No person under observation has no signs of coronavirus.

    "Based on the results of the laboratory analysis, neither the persons under observation nor the staff was suspected of having a coronavirus. So tomorrow, March 5, the observation will be completed in Novi Sanzhary at noon", Ihor Kuzin, acting Director of  Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health noted.

    Ihor Kuzin placed an emphasis on the arrival of two WHO missions in Ukraine in the near future. "One mission will arrive tomorrow and work until Saturday and shape a plan for Ukraine's readiness for the possible spread of the coronavirus. The second mission on laboratory diagnostics is expected to arrive next week to work out diagnostic methods for each region of Ukraine, " he underscored.

    The key task of the Ukrainian health care system is to prevent spread of COVID-19