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  • Evacuation of people from Wuhan: answers to the questions
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 20 February 2020 13:53

    What is the current state of affairs?

    - The plane has arrived. All the passengers, crew members and accompanying persons are feeling well and have no symptoms of acute respiratory infections.

    Where are the people now?

    - They are being prepared for observation. Currently, all evacuees, the aircraft crew and accompanying personnel are undergoing a medical examination. Aftermath, by the special transport of the SES (State Emergency Service of Ukraine), escorted and guarded by the police, they will be transported to the territory of the Novi Sanzhary medical center of the National Guard of Ukraine in Poltava region.

    Who were among the evacuees?

    - 45 Ukrainianian citizens. These include a family with an 8-year-old son, a young couple, 20-year-old students. In addition, after 2 weeks of being on quarantine, 27 foreign nationals will also return home.

    How will the observation be provided?

    - 14-days period of enhanced medical surveillance in a designated area. People are provided with everything necessary. All the evacuees and the staff are provided with special means of individual protection. All of them are under round-the-clock control of doctors and enhanced security measures.

    What are the conditions for the people during the quarantine?

    - All evacuated citizens, crew members and accompanying persons are placed in individual rooms with the appropriate level of comfort.

    The waste will be disposed of in a special way and will not be allowed to dispose of into the common drain. The sewage drains will undergo disinfection on a compulsory basis.

    What about the staff of the facility?

    Staff members who had been previously working at Novi Sanzhary were removed from the facility. None of those will have contact with the individuals being in quarantine. The observation team will include doctors, medical staff, and technical staff to ensure the temporary stay and safety of people.

    What is the state of readiness of the country's medical facilities?

    Institutions throughout Ukraine are ready to provide the required assistance if needed. Poltava and Kharkiv regions are provided with the necessary means of individual protection and medicines. The staff is duly qualified. The medical institutions have appropriate equipment and individual isolation rooms.

    Further actions after quarantine?

    Ukrainians who will not have symptoms will return home. Foreigners will also fly back home after successfully passing a 14-day quarantine

    What to do if a person starts feeling unwell?

    Doctors will work on a 24-hour basis at the location. They are provided with everything they need and are ready to provide any assistance needed. In addition, the ambulance will be ready round the clock.

    What to do if coronavirus is suspected?

    All other evacuees will stay for another 14 days from the time of isolation of a patient who is suspected of being infected.

    What will happen to the airplane, which evacuated people?

    The plane will undergo sanitary and epidemiological cleansing. Aircraft cabin filters will be also changed. After completion of disinfection and technical work, the airplane will be ready for further operation.

    What is the situation in Ukraine?

    No cases of coronavirus have been reported in the country. On Monday, exactly 14 days have passed since the last direct scheduled flight from China landed in Ukraine. The incubation period for COVID-19 has ended. Our epidemiologists contacted the passengers during the incubation period. We can say for sure - they are healthy. There is no reason to worry.

    Government operational headquarters to prevent the introduction and spread of the acute respiratory infection caused by coronavirus 2019-nCoV.

    Evacuation of people from Wuhan: answers to the questions