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  • Dmytro Kuleba: Ukraine and the world need real peace, not indulging the aggressor
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, posted 13 April 2023 10:58

    It is the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders and the implementation of President Zelenskyy’s Peace Formula that will bring real peace, not indulging the aggressor.

    This was stated by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in his speech at the opening of the Black Sea Security Conference of the International Crimean Platform, which is taking place in Bucharest, Romania.

    “We all want peace. But a just and lasting peace, like the one envisioned by President Zelenskyy’s Peace Formula. It’s not only in Ukraine’s but in all of Europe’s and the world’s interests to have and to see this formula implemented,” said Dmytro Kuleba.

    The Minister emphasised that real peace implied the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders, and the return of the Crimean Tatar people to live safely in their homeland in Ukrainian Crimea. Real peace means ships with grain, not missiles, in the Black Sea. Real peace is the restoration of international law, not the rule of law by force.

    “This is what we are fighting for, and this is what today’s conference is about. How not only to win, but also to restore a real, lasting peace,” he stressed.

    Dmytro Kuleba noted that Crimea could not remain under the control of russia, which would use it again as a launchpad for new aggression and establishing control over the Black Sea.

    “The International Crimea Platform has proven to be an effective mechanism. It has brought together peace-loving nations which oppose aggression and occupation. We are united by UN Charter principles and the shared conviction that Crimea is Ukraine and it will return under Ukraine’s control,” the Minister said.

    The Foreign Minister also stressed that Ukraine categorically rejected any statements presenting Crimea as a special region, something different from the rest of Ukraine. There is no difference between Simferopol, Kherson, Donetsk or Luhansk. All of this is Ukrainian land that russia is trying to steal.

    “Ukraine calls for a demilitarisation of the Black Sea, so that peaceful, law-abiding countries can once again use the shared sea to trade, travel, and live freely without fear of russian warships. Let us persist on the way to this common goal,” the Minister concluded.

    Dmytro Kuleba also called for a number of practical steps to strengthen security in the Black Sea region.

    “We call for the integration of air and missile defence systems of Ukraine and NATO allies in the Black and Baltic Seas. The events of the past year have shown that security in the Baltic-Black Sea area is indivisible, a threat to one is a threat to all,” he stressed.