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  • State Budget-2023: UAH 156 billion allocated for education
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 13 January 2023 10:50

    The State Budget of Ukraine for 2023 envisages UAH 156 billion for the financing of education under the general and special funds.

    The priority areas of funding in 2023 are as follows:

    • UAH 87.5 billion – payment of salaries to teachers;
    • UAH 4.6 billion – payment of academic scholarships to students, postgraduate and doctoral students (about 150,000 persons);
    • UAH 52.1 billion – professional training in institutions of pre-higher and higher education. It is planned to train about 1,056,000 students, 20,000 postgraduate students, and 800 doctoral students;
    • UAH 1.5 billion – arrangement of more than 300 shelters and safe conditions in secondary education facilities;
    • UAH 1.0 billion – purchase of more than 300 school buses;
    • UAH 0.8 billion – publication and purchase of more than 5.7 million textbooks and learning aids;
    • UAH 0.3 billion – conducting additional psycho-pedagogical and remedial classes for about 45,000 persons with special educational needs.

    “In 2023, financing of education remains a priority for the state. This year, we focus on the safety of pupils, students, teachers, and lecturers. Therefore, the state budget for the first time envisages funds to arrange reliable and properly equipped shelters. A safe environment must be created in all institutions. The Government of Ukraine is doing everything possible to ensure that the educational process is safe, and education is of high quality and accessible,” Deputy Minister of Finance Roman Yermolychev commented.