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  • Together with European colleagues, we can meet the goals of Peace Formula and gain a confident victory on the front of the struggle for international law: Denys Maliuska
    Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, posted 27 February 2023 14:58

    On the anniversary of russia's full-scale invasion of our country, Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denys Maliuska took part in the International Forum Pursuing President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's Peace Formula: Joint Actions of Ukraine and Lithuania towards the Long-Lasting Peace. During the panel discussion together with the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania Ewelina Dobrowolska, Denys Maliuska spoke about one of the ten points of the Peace Formula - Restoring Justice.

    After the liberation of Ukrainian territories, it becomes obvious that russia leaves behind torture chambers and mass graves of murdered people. This was the case in Bucha and other cities in the north of the country after the occupation. This was the case in Kharkiv and Kherson regions. At least 430 children have been killed by russian shelling. Only children! And how many mass graves are there on the territory that is still under control by russians?

    "In retaliation for its military losses on the ground, russia continues to terrorize the Ukrainian civilian population. russian troops systematically violate international humanitarian law and international human rights law in Ukraine: deliberate and indiscriminate attacks on civilians; using them as hostages and human shields; shooting and raping; forced conscription and abduction; attacks on medical personnel and facilities; and the use of prohibited weapons. That is why the world must recognize a special tribunal for the crime of russian aggression against Ukraine and the creation of an international mechanism to compensate for all the damage caused by this war. The compensation should be paid from russian assets, because it is the aggressor who must do everything to restore the justice it has violated," Denys Maliuska emphasized in his speech.

    He also reminded that Ukraine had proposed a resolution to the UN General Assembly on an international mechanism for compensation for damages caused by russian aggression. This resolution was adopted, so now it is time for partner countries to use it.

    At the same time, an integral part of the international compensation mechanism is the creation of an International Register of Losses, which will serve as a record of evidence and information on claims for compensation for losses, damages, or injuries for all interested individuals and legal entities, as well as for the state of Ukraine.

    On February 17, 2023, the Government of the Netherlands officially approved Ukraine's proposal to establish an international organization in The Hague - the Register of Damages Caused to Ukraine by russian Aggression. The register will contain information about the damage caused by the war to Ukrainians, businesses, and the state. The register is the first component of a comprehensive compensation mechanism designed to ensure that the aggressor state pays Ukraine full compensation for the damage caused in accordance with international law.

    "The destruction and damage caused by russia to our citizens, businesses, and the state are enormous. The aggressor country is obliged under international law to reimburse the losses. To do so, they must be thoroughly documented, assessed, and prepared for further consideration.

    The creation of the Register is a fundamental step for the future Compensation Mechanism. Now it is crucial that all processes are launched and the future fund is filled with resources - confiscated assets of the aggressor country. We believe that the partners will be active in the issue of the Compensation Mechanism, as its necessity has already been supported by the UN, PACE, and other international organizations," the Minister of Justice of Ukraine emphasized.

    He also added that a compensation fund should be created to accumulate funds to pay for the commission's decisions, including at the expense of confiscated russian assets. For this purpose, effective cooperation in the implementation of sanctions policy and policy in the field of forced seizure of assets of the russian federation and its residents both in Ukraine and abroad is critical.

    Another resolution that Ukraine is preparing is on a special tribunal. Therefore, the Ukrainian Minister of Justice called on international partners to join and support it. There is no person in the civilized world who does not value justice.

    Denys Maliuska also thanked the Republic of Lithuania and Minister of Justice Evelina Dobrovolska for the strong bilateral cooperation in the investigation of war crimes of russian aggression, the establishment of a Special Tribunal to punish war criminals, and the establishment of a compensation mechanism. Let's work together to achieve the rule of international law!

    "I strongly believe that only together with our European colleagues we will be able to implement the 10-point Peace Formula and gain a confident victory on the front of the struggle for international law," summarized Denys Maliuska.