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  • Deputy Minister of Defence for European Integration holds talks with representatives of Yale International Relations Association
    posted 15 March 2018 15:01

    Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine for European Integration Lieutenant General Anatolii Petrenko met with representatives of Yale International Relations Association.

    Foreign guests studying security issues in Eastern Europe, international law, economy were interested in security situation in the country, the progress of reforms and large-scale transformations within the defence ministry in the context of the ongoing conflict in the east of Ukraine and propaganda against Ukraine.

    General Petrenko welcomed students of one of the most prominent and top-standard universities of the United States and underscored that the US support was a demonstration of substantial and strategic partnership, the country is shoulder-to-shoulder in political, economic, and diplomatic spheres and provide real assistance.

    This visit to the Ministry of Defence is an unusual and exceptional event. It’s a great opportunity to exchange views regarding situation in the country”, Deputy Minister of Defence welcomed students.

    While talking about the progress of ongoing reforms, Anatolii Petrenko stressed that Ukraine having been at war for past 4 years is fighting and deterring aggression using all available national means and international support.

    We mobilized our national resources completing them with international partners assistance such as political and diplomatic pressure, economic sanctions, large-scale reforms and transformation, review of the whole defence and security sector”, Deputy Minister of Defence remarked, “All changes are based on the Presidential strategy, underpinned by the action plans from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, articulated in the legislation and approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. All these elements form the unique structure of improvement of defence capability and development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine using the best standards and practice”.

    General Petrenko spoke about defence reform and mentioned the change of logistic support system under the NATO standards, review of social protection system of service members and their families, adoption of important documents related to defence and security sector, change of military education and training system, realization of strategic communications system.

    We invest in our Armed Forces to ensure every soldier has everything he or she needs. This is the complete transformation from public appearance to tactical effectiveness on the battle field in the context of consolidation of the whole country and society. The Armed Forces have been drastically changed”, Gen. Petrenko underlined.

    Foreign guests were presented “WAR. No Commentbook about real events in the east of Ukraine and courage of the Ukrainian military.