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  • We lay the foundations for 5% economic growth, there are ample opportunities for achieving this target, claims Prime Minister
    posted 01 February 2018 18:42

    Landmark economic decisions adopted last year were instrumental in stabilizing economic situation and laying the foundations for the growth that is higher than the planned 3%. This statement was issued by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during the annual meeting of members of the American Chamber of Commerce, which brings together representatives of leading world companies in our country.

    "We must do our utmost to ensure (economic) growth reflects our capabilities, hence this is far from 3%, and every business should receive the result, in particular, increased incomes, paying taxes, development," the Head of Government underscored.

    Volodymyr Groysman stressed the Government had succeeded in continuing of deregulation, introducing effective development tools, taking  fundamental decisions in the pension system, the education system, health care, and adopting new legislative rules in the privatization of non-strategic state assets.

    "That is why 2018 has much better potential than 2017 year," the Prime Minister emphasized," The task is to pay the way for economic growth of 5, 7 and more percent through decision-making process, smart regulation, simplification of procedures and demonopolization, infrastructure modernization, capacity building and support for specific sectors. "

    The Head of Government recalled that this year, a package of 35 bills, developed in collaboration with the President of Ukraine, the business, and parliamentary factions and aimed to improve the business environment  and create conditions for further development of the country, is to be adopted.

    "This is a package of economic transformations that will enable us to achieve the qualitative growth.  Our dialogue allows to shape the agenda of reforms and our growth", claimed Volodymyr Groysman.