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  • Minister of Defence of Ukraine met with President of Ukrainian World Congress
    posted 30 November 2017 09:55

    Minister of Defence of Ukraine General of the Army of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak held talks with President of Ukrainian World Congress Eugen Czolij.

    Gen. Poltorak briefed the foreign delegation on current situation in the east of Ukraine underlining it was tense as the enemy executed provocations aimed at discrediting the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    Minister of Defence of Ukraine thanked the Canadian Government and Canadians for international support and assistance.

    “The Canadians support us in many issues. Thank you for assistance you have been providing us since 2014 such as financial, technical, and political support, as well as cooperation in the framework of the UNIFIER mission”, the head of Defence Ministry remarked.

    Moreover, Stepan Poltorak emphasized the need to develop synergy in countering information challenges. “The situation in east of Ukraine is a threat for the whole western world, thus active fighting against information challenges is effective, we have to fight information challenges together”, Gen. Poltorak underlined stressing that the conflict in Ukraine was a signal for other countries how the situation could evolve.

    President of Ukrainian World Congress Eugen Czolij confirmed the steadfast support and assistance for Ukraine.

    “You should count on our steadfast support. The world should understand that this is not the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, it’s a global threat. If Ukraine defends its border, it will ensure stability in the region”, Mr. Czolij said.