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  • PM at Toronto Global Forum: It's time for investors to take a fresh look at Ukraine
    posted 30 October 2017 22:11

    The economy of Ukraine overcomes the downturn of 2014-2015 and shows a tendency to a gradual economic growth. The tremendous potential that Ukraine has just begun to open up. This statement was issued by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during the international Toronto Global Forum devoted to the issues of development of the global economy and development of the American continent.

    The Head of Government stressed that not many countries have undergone transformations of such scale as those that are taking place in Ukraine today. Decentralization, deregulation and reforms in banking and energy sector were introduced over the next three years.

    «The crisis has given us the opportunity to approve the necessary decisions and begin transformations», underlined Volodymyr Groysman. «Today we are talking about the further deregulation as well as the creation of a favorable business climate  in order to ensure the success of each investment».

    According to the Prime Minister, promising areas are human capital, fertile land that is able to ensure food security to the entire region, energy, especially energy-efficient technologies and the capacities of the gas transportation system and gas storage facilities, logistics and realization of transport opportunities in the EastEurope direction, as well as innovations, in particular in promoting the development of startups.

    «Next thing on the agenda is the question of large-scale and transparent privatization. We are currently elaborating a new law that will enable us to build an effective system of selling non-strategic state assets», the Prime Minister underlined.

    Volodymyr Groysman emphasized the Cabinet of Ministers singled out the topmost sectors of innovation activities for 2017-2021, namely aircraft, shipbuilding and rocket and missile engineering, agro-industry, gas production, medicine and pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, robotics and integration into the world added value system with a focus on the transformation of Ukraine into the world production and logistics hub.

    «The growth of Ukraine will be unprecedentedly dynamic, and we can do it together. Today, the market focuses on new startups. I will say - Ukraine can become the safest and most successful startup», the Head of Government underscored.