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  • Military pilots returned from International Airshow 2017 in Poland
    posted 31 August 2017 17:01

    The delegation of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arrived to Ivano-Frankivsk having participated in the International Airshow 2017. It was conducted in a city of Radom (Poland) during August 26-27. Ukraine was represented by two Su-27 fighter aircrafts and one An-26 military transport aircraft. COL Oleksandr Oksanchenko managed to demonstrate 23 aerobatic maneuvers during his 12-minute piloting program, including a vertical loop, inverted flight, hook turns with rolling maneuvers, simulated landing with chassis, combination of low and high speeds and others, making every spectator fully impressed. The flight program was designed to allow for the demonstration of aircraft capabilities, its maneuverability, and professionalism of the military pilot under conditions of constant visual control of the aircraft.

    The Deputy Commander of the Air CommandCenterof the Armed Forces of Ukraine, COL Oleh Hes told that all military equipment had been operating flawlessly. – Every day the airshow in the city of Radom gathered up to 100 thousand spectators. The overwhelming majority came to see the performance of Ukrainians piloting Su-27s. At the end of the flight, the leadership of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland joined by public authorities expressed the words of gratitude to our delegation, – said COL Oleh Hes.