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  • Issue of construction of kindergartens is placed under Government's control, says Head of Government
    posted 18 August 2017 16:46

    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the framework of implementation of the plan for the complete elimination of queues in kindergarten intends to analyze the progress of the construction of preschool facilities in the regions and to assess the contribution of local authorities to this process, noted Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during the Government sitting.

    He stressed that local authorities possess funds for the construction due to the decentralization reform, but not all heads of regional state administrations use money effectively.

    «There are cities in which five kindergartens are being built simultaneously, however there are cities where no preschool facilities are being constructed at all. This is an indicator of the bad management. We will insist on the burning need to create enough places in preschool educational institutions. There cannot be any excuses. There is money, the only thing left is to have a desire. I will personally control this process», asserted Volodymyr Groysman.

    The Head of Government drew attention to the necessity to include funding for the construction of kindergartens during the local budget creation for 2018 and the formation of plans for the elimination of queues in kindergartens by 2020.