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  • World Bank intends to procure goods and services for its projects in Ukraine through ProZorro platform
    posted 10 August 2017 12:38

    The World Bank has completed the evaluation of the functioning of ProZorro electronic public procurement system in Ukraine. The target of this mission was to examine whether ProZorro meets the requirements of the Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) for conducting electronic public procurement using electronic reverse auctions.

    It should be noted that reverse auctions are real-time online bidding events between a purchasing institution and prequalified suppliers for a range of products and services.  Purchases  through ProZorro platform  are carried out on this principle. Specialists of the World Bank gave a positive assesment  regarding the use of ProZorro according to procurement methods in free trade and national competitive biddings as stipulated in the «Guidelines Procurement under the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development loans and the International Development Association credits»

    The results of this assessment are the basis for decisions, which will be made by the World Bank regarding the functioning of procurement system. Evaluation findings confirmed that the World Bank can use ProZorro platform to procure goods and services in Ukraine.

    «Great news for ProZorro and another international confirmation of the effective strength of the system. We hope that within a few months the first World Bank tenders will be in ProZorro and Ukrainian business will be able to publicly participate in them», asserted  Maxim Nefyodov, First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.